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What kinds of drinks does office staffs like? Table top self-service coffee machine is the best.

Aug 10, 2019

The office is a place to socialize and work. Work gives us value, but sometime we feel tired and sleepy. How do we solve this problem? As a drink of the new era, coffee is very popular among office workers. Refreshing, fragrant and delicious, coffee quickly brings us to work. The table top self-service coffee machine has naturally become the favorite of office workers.


Unlike ordinary coffee machines, Jetinno automatic self-service table top coffee machine can make more than 10 kinds of drinks, like Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Hot chocolate, Milk, Black tea, milk tea, etc., not just coffee. It is suitable for all office workers' tastes. Moreover, the coffee is made of ditting grinder imported from Switzerland. The grinding degree of coffee can be adjusted according to the preference of office workers. It is convenient and humanized. The coffee beans are extracted by high pressure, brewed and blended, and a cup of fresh and delicious coffee just needs to wait 45s. 


Jetinno table top self-service coffee machine is very simple to operate, 3 steps to get a cup of coffee:

1, put a cup of sufficient capacity

1. Tap the screen to choose your favorite drink.

2, adjust the concentration slider, DIY custom taste

3. Click Confirm and wait for 45s.