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What Kind of Application Scenario is Suitable for Tabletop Coffee Machine?

Jun 26, 2019

In recent years, commercial self-service coffee machines have gradually entered the eyes and lives of consumers. With the improvement of life quality, self-service bean to cup coffee machine now is even better. Free standing commercial intelligent self-service coffee vending machine has large volume, large capacity and complete functions. It is suitable for places such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, hotels, service areas, high-speed railway stations, airports and so on. So what scenarios and spots can a desktop coffee machine put in?

desktop coffee vending machine

Tabletop self-service bean to cup coffee machine’s size is not as large as free standing commercial coffee vending machine, but its function is not worse than the free standing coffee vending machine at all. The tabletop coffee machine is equipped with 4L large-capacity bean canister, and the coffee grinder is ditting brand and imported from Switzerland, which can adjust the grinding accuracy. In addition, it can be equipped with tea brewer, combined with three instant canisters of precise powder discharging, to improve the quality and taste of drinks. Tabletop self-service bean to cup coffee machine or tabletop self-service tea and coffee machine is suitable for relatively closed places, such as offices, convenience stores, water bar leisure center, gym, VIP reception room, conference hall, restaurant and hotel are all very good spots, as a business supporting service, it has a strong integration.

tea and coffee machine

Jetinno Intelligent desktop coffee and tea machine as a high-end commercial self-service equipment has provided consumers with new choices.