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What is the difference between the vending machine coffees on the market and Starbucks coffee?

Dec 20, 2018


In the coffee circle, there is a saying that "people who know coffee don't go to Starbucks and Ruisheng". Although Starbucks coffee is synonymous with luxury goods in China, in the eyes of coffee, Starbucks coffee tastes not bad, and belongs to the position of pan-popular coffee. But for the average consumer, Starbucks coffee is still a benchmark for industry reference. But then again, if you want to divide the coffee market, you should also focus on hard power. The coffee taste made by the self-service coffee machine is compared with the big star Starbucks. What is the level? Is it a spike or can get a flat seat, let's find out.

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Field interview with self-service coffee machine consumers

We randomly interviewed a few young white-collar workers who were lined up in coffee vending machines in an office building in Guangzhou, asking where the difference between coffee made by the self-service coffee machine and Starbucks coffee was.

Mr. Wu, a white-collar worker: "In fact, I think the coffee shop in Starbucks there is too light, and it is a bit too sweet. I don't like it very much. When I first went to drink coffee, I didn't know how to adjust the taste by DIY, so I felt that the taste was not enough. After drinking twice, I adjusted the concentration of the coffee myself. I felt that the taste was good. The coffee smell was stronger than Starbucks."


Clerk Zhou: "The self-service coffee machine is still ok, Starbucks is so expensive, and then it tastes almost the same, a cup of Starbucks top 3 cups of self-service coffee."

Mr. Liang, a software engineer: "There is not so much time to go to Starbucks. Where is the project piled up? I work overtime on Saturdays and Sundays. If I go to the downstairs, I will be satisfied with the cup of self-service coffee. It is also good to drink. The key is convenience. Go, don't have to drive to the store."

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For the average consumer, they generally think that the self-service coffee machine meets their needs in terms of convenience and taste. They don't need to spend time on the way to Starbucks, and they don't need to spend high prices, just a dozen yuan. At a price, you can enjoy a cup of quality ground coffee. In the fast-paced young group, the self-service coffee machine has a very high popularity.

Guaranteed heat and freshness

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Game planning Vendy: "I have had 2 drinks of Ruixing take-out coffee before. I only received it for half an hour after ordering online. The coffee is cold, there is no smell. What is the difference between hot coffee and salted fish? A little bit better than the hot coffee made by the self-service coffee machine."

Model Xiao Ai: "Starbucks takeaway coffee spread the delivery fee on our head. The iced drink for 40 minutes has not arrived yet, and the ice has all been diluted. It’s not as good as I went downstairs to play buffet ice. Coffee, at least not waiting."

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Drinking take-away coffee will have such a confusion: whether it is Mai Le delivery, special star delivery, or Rui Xing's take-out service, no matter how luxurious the take-away coffee packaging, get the taste of the hand to drink in the store one day a day Ground. The main reason for this discount is that there are various uncertainties in the take-out process. The best taste of coffee is only in an instant, and the take-away coffee after a long trek has lost its original essence. The loss of the quality of take-away coffee is absolutely not allowed for most consumers, but self-service coffee does not have this worry, 45s out of the cup, allowing consumers to experience the purest coffee essence.

The secret of self-service coffee: the original champion coffee recipe

Attentive people should know that in fact, the coffee in Starbucks and Ruixingmen shop is actually made with automatic coffee machine, and there is no professional barista to formulate the taste of the formula and flow production. For the self-service unmanned commercial coffee machine, there are two kinds of instant and instant grinding in the market. The formula of the freshly ground coffee machine has a professional standard. In order to let the ordinary people also experience the charm of the champion freshly ground coffee, according to industry insiders, the Techno smart self-service coffee machine with more coverage in the market has made a lot of effort in formulating, and specially invited WBC champion barista Pan Zhimin. The teacher personally tasted the taste and taste of the self-service coffee, and it was officially delivered after repeated adjustments. It is bound to bring the original taste of the champion coffee to every corner of everyone's life. With the exclusive recipe of the champion coffee master, the quality of self-service coffee is guaranteed. It is no wonder that most consumers think that self-service coffee does not lose Starbucks.

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There are a thousand Hamlet in the hearts of a thousand people. The taste of self-service coffee still needs to be tried by everyone to get the conclusion. In China, where coffee culture is increasingly popular, one-third of the price can be used to drink a cup of freshly ground coffee that is similar to Starbucks. For the average consumer who is busy with work, the emergence of self-service coffee machines is indeed bringing them. A lot of convenience.