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What are the benefits of coffee?

Jul 11, 2018

1、Coffee contains certain nutrients.Coffee's nicotinic acid contains vitamin B, and roasted coffee beans are higher in content.There are free fatty acids, caffeine, tannins and so on.

2、Coffee is good for your skin.Coffee can promote metabolic function, activate digestive organs, constipation has a great effect.The use of coffee powder bathing is a warm treatment, has the effect of losing weight.A cup of coffee after dinner also helps digestion.

3、Coffee has the function of detoxifying wine.Drinking coffee after drinking makes acetaldehyde changed from alcohol oxidize quickly, decompose into water and carbon dioxide and expel from the body.

4、Coffee can eliminate fatigue.In order to eliminate fatigue, it is necessary to supplement nutrition, rest and sleep, and promote metabolic functions, which coffee has.

5、Three cups of coffee a day can prevent gallstones.For caffeinated coffee can boost the gallbladder contraction, and reduce easy formation of gallstones in biliary cholesterol, the latest Harvard University researchers found that men, two to three cups of coffee a day had a 40% probability is lower than.

6、Drinking coffee regularly can prevent radiation damage.Radiation damage especially electrical radiation has become a more prominent pollution.Bagba atomic researchers in India have come to this conclusion in mice and say it could be applied to humans.

7、Health and medical functions of coffee.Coffee has the function of anti-oxidation and heart protection, strong muscles and bones, waist and knee, appetizing and promoting food, detoxifying lipids and dehumidifying, invigorating blood circulation and removing silt, and stopping spasmodic polyps.

8、The influence of coffee on mood.Studies have shown that the average person who consumes 300 milligrams of caffeine a day (about three cups of brewed coffee) has a good effect on alertness and mood.

9、Coffee stimulates defecation in about a third of healthy people.Occasionally when defecation is not smooth, drink a cup of strong coffee, can have the effect of unexpected defecation.

10、Coffee can reduce the incidence of Parkinson's disease.

11、The caffeine in coffee can inhibit asthma.When an asthma attack occurs, the patient can be given two cups of strong coffee in an emergency because the coffee has the effect of bronchial drugs.Regular coffee drinkers have less asthma.

12、Coffee can eliminate depression and increase sexual desire.

13、caffeine can accelerate the decomposition of fat, but more want to rely on the movement of the muscle at the same time, can be converted into heat energy consume excess fatty acids, if without cooperation with the movement, excess fatty acids and down blood flow back, piling up fat again.So after drinking coffee, you need to be active at the same time, which can play a real role in losing weight.

14、Coffee drinkers are significantly less likely to develop dry eyes than non-coffee drinkers.This is mainly due to the presence of purine in coffee (purine-containing eye drops, which stimulate the glands to secrete fluids, and have a protective effect on the eyes).