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Techno no coffee grinder automatic commercial coffee machine

May 17, 2018

Multifunctional automatic coffee machine specification
Machine dimensions: height 1830mm, width 664mm, depth 700mm
1. Brief introduction
The JL500ESFB machine is mainly composed of the following standard modules:
Ground  bean grinder (1), Coffee brewer (1), Tea maker (1), Coffee bean hopper  (1), Quick-dispenser (7), Blender (3~4), Coffee slag barrel (1 ),  Waste Water Barrel (1), Drip Tray (1), Hot Water System (1), Beverage  Outlet (1), Cup System (1), 27" Touch Panel (1), Control System (IO+  Touch Screen) (1) ), Cabinet (1), Door frame (1), Cold water system (1) and other related modules.
(Note: The number behind the module name is the number of modules)

Optional non-standard modules:
Double pump (two buckets of water).
Three water pumps (three barrels of water, two of which are waterless alarms)
3G or 4G module
WIFI module

2. The main beverage list
The JL500ESFB-P can be used to configure different beverages according  to customer needs, but mainly include: hot water, instant beverages,  freshly ground coffee and freshly made tea.
-- List of major beverages (10 on the touch screen home page):
-- Macchiato
-- Italian coffee
-- American coffee
-- Cappuccino
-- latte
-- Mocha
-- Now black tea
-- Instant milk tea
-- Bubble milk tea
-- Hot milk
-- hot chocolate
-- Chocolate milk
-- Hot water
-- Nestle Milo
-- More types of beverages can be edited
-- Other beverage types can be configured according to the customer's choice and can be expanded indefinitely.
3. Machine features:
-- Dimensions: height 1830mm, width 664mm, depth 720mm
-- 500 cups, 5 cups, 80mm diameter (200ml to 300ml)
-- Horse Cup Table
-- Largest horse mouth cup height: 120mm
-- Minimum horse mouth cup height: 70mm
-- Maximum coffee pot height: 200 mm
-- 27" Multimedia Advertising Screen and Driver Components
-- Waste water tank full of water induction
-- Adjustable speed of stirrer motor
-- Adjustable dose of coffee beans (0~14g)
-- No bean detection on bean material box (2 cups alarm in advance)
-- Blocked overcurrent protection, disconnection detection, status  reporting of all executable components such as valves, motors, etc.
-- Power-on self-test, water system alarm
-- RFID automatic unlocking, electromagnetic induction closing state
-- Communication Interface: USB, WIFI or 3G
-- Payment interface: MDB, mobile payment interface (coin support and note machine)
-- APP beverage flavor adjustment interface
-- Cloud platform or IoT remote monitoring interface
-- Local Data System: EVA-DTS
-- Product price setting
-- Sales Statistics
-- Machine status monitoring
-- Adjustable dosage of instant drinks
-- Intelligent Machine Maintenance System
-- Daily regular automatic cleaning
-- Automatic primary descaling (need to manually add pills)
-- Automatic powder remaining in the bean grinder every other day (Optional setting)
- Automatic grinding of coffee powder in free time (increases coffee flavor at the operating site)
-- Graphical tools for beverage product configuration and machine configuration
-- Drinks Highly Flexible Process Parameter Configuration Adjustment Tool
4. Machine key indicators
-- Design life: 125,000 times, design life is 5 years, 100 cups per day, 250 days per year
-- Frequency of technical failures: 1.5 times (Requires technical staff to solve problems on site)
-- Single product instant beverage time 25 seconds (120ml)
- 40 seconds of Espresso coffee (30ml) (brewing 35 seconds) (Specific settings affect the taste)
-- Hot water outlet speed 20L per hour
-- Within 4 minutes of machine startup time
5. Maintenance and maintenance
-- Quick Maintenance Guide Card
-- Maintenance Manual: (Including parts list)
-- Maintenance frequency: 500 cups freshly ground coffee or every 2 days.
-- Maintenance guide card
6. Warehousing
-- Storage temperature: +5°C to +50°C
-- Humidity: 10% to 90% (otherwise drying is required)
7. Implementation of standards
-- Electrical Safety (CCC):
-- Contact food materials safety certification
-- Energy consumption level:
-- Standby power consumption is less than 5W
8. Machine installation
-- Power supply: AC 220 V / 50 Hz
-- Installation power: 3000W
-- Maximum output power: 2700W
-- Fuses: 15A
-- Inlet pressure: 0.5 - 7 BAR (if conditional drinking water is available)
-- Number of buckets: 2 (18.9L)
-- Back mounting space: 60 mm
-- Side mounting space: 0mm (5mm recommended)
-- Water hardness: 2~8oHD (bottled water)
-- Operating Environment: 5-40°C, Maximum Humidity 90%
-- Weight: less than 150kg
-- Full load weight: less than 220kg (including bottled water)
9. Capacity parameters
-- To air residual tank: 200ml
-- Boiler: 700ml 2700W AC230V/50Hz
-- Wastewater tank volume: >12L
-- Coffee slag barrel: >15L
-- Instant cartridge volume: 7 sets (including sugar on the door),
-- Disposable cartridge volume 3.8 liters (can be adjusted according to customer needs different capacity)
-- Coffee bean volume: 10 litres