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Performance features

May 02, 2017

Relying on high-performance electronic technology and procedures and intelligent automatic control, can realize the machine automatic grinding beans to the output of the entire flow of coffee, compared with the home automatic, the machine's sustainable production performance is completely improved (output of coffee production capacity of up to 150-300 cups per hour, hot water 300 cups, output items more, including convenient cappuccino and other fancy coffee, the production is extremely stable, can achieve centralized time of the large demand (such as hotel breakfast coffee supply) coffee supply, Widely used in star hotels or large stores.

Category Distinction

Nowadays more and more popular coffee charters and capsule coffee machines can also be called automatic coffee machines. The common feature is "automatic", easy to operate. The difference is that the traditional sense of the automatic coffee machine used in the raw materials are coffee beans, coffee machine and capsule coffee machines used for coffee bags and coffee capsules such as semi-finished coffee.