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Payment Method----Mobile APP Payment or Payment on Line

Jun 03, 2017

If the customer want the payment of the foreign APP(like Apple Pay/Wallet),QR code or other kinds of payment on website,we would provide the net port documentation,customer need to build their own back end server,and develop the connection between the back end server and the mobile APP.Becasue the machine software is connected with our server before leaving factory.To ensure efficient and fast payment,and easy management ,to build own server is the best way.


Machine---Server---Mobile Payment Port(APP)

Working Procedures:

1,Customer place order of the drink on the machine;

2,The machine generates information including the machine No.,order No.product ID,price ,and transmit these information to the server;

3,The server transmit these information to the mobile payment port;

4,After receiving the information,the mobile payment port would form QR code,and send the QR code to the server;

5,The server would transmit the QR code to the machine;

6,After receiving the QR code,the machine would show the QR code for customer to pay;

7,After a successful payment,the mobile payment end would send the information to the server;

8 ,The server send the information to the machine;

9,The machine would begin make products;

10,The machine make product successfully,success information would be sent to server,the deal is done.

11,If the machine cant makes product successfully because of lack of ingredient or any other reasons within 3 minutes,which means the server doesn’t receive the done information,the server would judge it as a production failure,and gives feedback to the mobile payment port,the mobile payment port would return money after receiving the failure notice.