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Payment Method---Coin Operated

Jun 02, 2017

Despite of many modern and quicker payment methods, coin operating is still the classic sense when people think of vending machines.Especially for group without card and areas with weak net ,it's necessary.

For coin or bill validator,if the customer designate or provide the model ,the device should be of MDB(Multi-drop bus) protocal, the port must be of MDB port.

The standard MDB port should be as shown,6 holes,2*3.We would fix the device.

MDB 接口.png

If the customer has no designated model, we can purchase for customer’s confirmation. 

After confirmation of the validator issue,customer need to send the local banknotes and coins which may be used on the machine ,so that we would make test and calibrate before the machine leaving our factory.

For free standing coffee vending machines,we would leave two holes for bill accepting  and coin hooper.

While for table top vending machines,we would change the machine structure a little ,hang the validator out on the side of the machine.