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Operation and maintenance sharing | Is there any “money” scene in the office scene?

Sep 11, 2018

In recent years, the coffee culture has become more and more popular. With the upgrading of consumption, coffee has transitioned from the instant era to the current era. The emerging Ruixing coffee is a good example. It is not difficult to find that the facilities in the lobby of major office buildings generally have coffee, not a coffee shop or a self-made coffee grinder. Some companies also have a coffee machine in the pantry to provide employees with high quality coffee.

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Freshly ground coffee has gradually become an important drink in the office. It is a refreshing artifact for white-collar workers and a bridge for enhancing relationships among colleagues. In the afternoon tea time, three or five colleagues gathered together, talking about work, drinking coffee, driving troubles, improving work efficiency, and also enhancing the love of colleagues. The office scene survives in the coffee gene, including the office lobby and the enterprise interior. The high consumption power + high repurchase rate is the main feature of this scene, and it is also the place where many automatic coffee vending machine operators compete.

Office scene - office lobby

The office lobby is the area where the entire building has the most traffic, especially during the peak hours of commuting, and there are queues and other elevators. Because of this factor in the office lobby, it is a must for operators of automatic coffee vending machines. Vending equipment is located in the lobby of the office building. Of course, it is necessary to communicate with the property to locate the location and location of the rent. At this stage, whether it is Internet coffee such as Ruixing Coffee, or automatic coffee vending machine operators such as coffee zero bar, all return to rationality, explosive large-scale operation has ended, and refined operation is a long-term solution.

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The office lobby is a relatively open scene, and the crowd is also the most discerning. There are also a lot of choices, not only the choice of coffee vending equipment, but also the choice of cafes. Communicate with the staff at the on-site property front desk. The peak of the current coffee coffee vending machine purchase is in the morning and noon, and sometimes there will be a small peak at night. Under normal circumstances, the coffee machine operation and maintenance personnel will come over and maintain once every 2 days. Change 2 barrels of water each time; most white-collar workers use a cup of freshly ground coffee as a drink to start a day of work. After lunch, use a cup of freshly ground coffee to eliminate fatigue and eliminate sleepiness. The automatic coffee vending machine can not only provide freshly ground coffee, but also other drinks such as milk. It is also very fast, just wait 45 seconds and enjoy a steaming freshly ground coffee. For the white-collar workers of the Moonlight family, the price is the most important. A cup of freshly ground coffee costs only 10 yuan, and the quality is not worse than Starbucks.

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How to choose the quality of the office lobby to avoid losing money. There are at least 10 floors of office buildings, and the number of enterprises that can be settled can cover 1,500 people. It is also necessary to consider the types of enterprises that are stationed in them. The marketing of business-oriented enterprises will be relatively large. Internet, technology, and media companies They are under pressure and work overtime. They have an atmosphere of coffee. These companies have a high demand for coffee.

Office scene - inside the company

Coffee is a refreshing drink for white-collar workers who are tired and tired. It is also an indispensable spiritual drink for white-collar workers. It can be seen that coffee is the just-needed enterprise and a tool for enterprises to improve efficiency. It is also a competition for many self-service coffee vending machine operators because of the “high repurchase rate”. With the upgrade of consumption, many companies have introduced freshly ground coffee machines to improve employee welfare and to receive customers. The freshly grounded self-service coffee machine produces good taste, reasonable price and fast delivery, making it a new choice for white-collar workers to drink coffee.

The white-collar workers with the highest spending power are relatively picky. Can the automatic coffee grinders cater to the preferences of white-collar workers? Communicating with the on-site executives, a large number of employees choose to automatically drink the coffee on the coffee machine. Before the automatic coffee grinder is placed, many employees choose take-away coffee such as Ruixing Coffee. Now they only choose the automatic coffee grinder. Coffee, the taste is good, the second is affordable, and the third is fast. In the morning and lunchtime, there are often cases where employees line up to sell coffee. Under normal circumstances, about 50 cups can be sold in one day.

In the company's coffee machine, the mode of cooperation is very diverse, the point may be free, and it may be charged, but since it is corporate welfare, the output of coffee pricing and activities must be discussed with the company and calculated. Losing money! Such users who have a willingness to purchase and purchase ability for coffee are potential users, and such a point with a sufficient number of potential users is our preferred point. Which companies will be put in, will many people consume coffee? First look at the size of the company, whether he is closed or open, more than two hundred or three hundred companies, the daily sales can reach 30 to 40 cups or more, and then look at the company's own attributes, industry attributes, come here The attributes of people who go to work (whether the internal awareness of coffee is high, whether the atmosphere is active), whether the internal guidance of coffee purchase is sufficient in the enterprise, and so on. Most of the Internet, software development, creative media and other companies, business pressure, often work overtime, the demand for coffee is relatively large, these companies are a good place for self-service coffee vending machines.

   Office scenes such as offices and office buildings are high-density scenarios. The purchase intention and purchase demand of the consumer groups must exist, but they need to be considered from the quality of the products and the consumer experience. As long as the products made by the self-service coffee grinder meet the needs of white-collar workers, and slowly cultivate the user's consumption habits, the points corresponding to the office scenes may become hot spots, and become the point of earning money.