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No coffee, no music! Jetinno meets you at the Chengdu Western Music Festival!

Sep 28, 2018

The stage of the rhythm, the scene of the explosion, the cool lights, the screaming voice! From October 1st to 3rd, the ancient capital of Tianfu, which has been quiet and leisurely and stable, will no longer be calm, and will give you an absolutely fresh and hot music feast! Jetinno Self-service Coffee Vending Machine is the only designated coffee machine service provider in the Western Music Festival. During the National Day, we will meet you at the Western Music Park. He turned over and shouted tired, came to the cup of coffee to replenish energy, the second half, followed the table on the love beans to shake up! Light! Music! Music ! LET’S GO!♫

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Dujiangyan Western Music Festival

There are many of the most fun music themes, the most watched superstars, the most popular stage, and the cuisines of the world, let you have fun, play once!

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Starlight, close contact with idols

Stars, more heart! Western Music Festival star lineup: Huachenyu, Xiaogui-Wang Linkai, Jin Hao, MC Guangguang and other famous singers and bands from home and abroad will gather in Dujiangyan, accompany you to the whole process, release your wildness, together with the stars, and skills Connaught buffet coffee machine to a zero-distance contact, crazy in the end!


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a cup of coffee, release your wildness

The rhythm of the rhythm violently lingers around, affecting the heartbeat of 500,000 people. Overturned, shouting tired, but still not fun, but can not burn, how to do! Jetinno Self-service Freshly Grinding Coffee Machine is the designated coffee machine service provider for the Western Music Festival. It will bring you 4 energy supply stations and work continuously during the festival to ensure that every music fan can have a cup of taste. Freshly ground coffee. In addition to cheering, drink a cup of coffee to add a god, quickly add energy, accompanied by singing and hot dancing, once again liberate yourself and release wildness!


No carnival, no wilderness; no coffee, no music! 2018 Chengdu Western Music Festival, Jetinno self-service coffee machine to meet you, with you to play, accompany you, drink a freshly ground coffee, experience a different passion Dujiangyan.