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Jetinno NEW R&D center!!!

Jul 12, 2018

After half a year of intense preparation, the new production line of Techno Intelligent R&D new office and desktop coffee machine and ice making module was completed, with a total construction area of over 2,000 square meters. The completion of the new office area has ignited the new round of development of Techno Smart, which marks that Techno Smart has entered a new stage of development by “building the world's top coffee equipment with ingenuity, working on coffee civilians and improving people's quality of life”. . Looking back on the past is encouraging; looking to the future and inspiring. From now on, Techno Smart will open a new page, with a new attitude and higher requirements for the future, go all out.


Techno Smart New R&D Center

The new office area not only has spacious and clean space, advanced testing equipment, but also provides separate laboratories for each research and development team, so that each group can efficiently complete various developments. The new production line of desktop coffee machine and ice making module is designed in strict accordance with European standards. With intelligentization as the core, we introduce a number of automated production equipment to ensure the safe and reliable high quality commercial coffee from new product development and design to new product trial production. Equipment, constantly improving the user-friendly experience.


Laboratory: electronic laboratory, software development laboratory, institutional laboratory, testing laboratory

Techno Intelligent Research and Development Self-service Coffee Machine Lab

Test equipment: environmental equipment, salt spray box, conduction test system, spectrum analyzer, carbon dioxide concentration tester, coffee particle concentration analyzer, etc.

The completion of the new production line for the development of new offices and desktop coffee machines is a milestone in the development of Techno Intelligent and a new starting point for Techno Smart. Through unremitting efforts and pursuit, we will innovate through multiple angles such as technology, quality and market to bring more high-quality commercial coffee machines to our customers.

Looking at the present, we are full of ambition; we will be full of pride in the future. Techno people will take this opportunity to move forward with the goal of “becoming a world-class coffee equipment and overall solution manufacturing service provider” with more firm belief, more full enthusiasm and more solid style.