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Main applications

May 02, 2017

Special Features

Network operations

The data that the vending machine currently operates, including the system state, system failure, material road failure, shortage situation, sales data by installing the GPRS module on the vending machine wireless transmission to the vending machine network server, operators can on any networked computer to master the vending machine information, to achieve the vending machine large-scale operation and network management.

Mobile Shopping

The vending machine system and the Mobile POS module system docking, realizes to move the launch of 2.4GHZ RFSIM card to read and write operation, completes mobile phone shopping function.

Multimedia display

Using the LED display, multimedia display technology, vending machine system and PC system docking, so that consumers can control the PC through the touch screen to buy a vending machine merchandise, not only replaces the selection of the key, but also make the vending machine has the media function.

Self-Help payment

The ATM system is embedded into the vending machine, which makes the vending machine as the mobile, financial terminal equipment, and realizes the self-service payment service.