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Lightweight and miniaturized commercial coffee machines are the future development trend

Aug 08, 2018

Commercial coffee machines, as the name suggests, are commercial coffee machines. The popular self-service coffee machine on commercial coffee machines is very hot. You can get a cup of coffee with one click. Basically, you can make coffee by machine. Just choose the concentration and weight before making.

Because of its convenient purchase and simple operation, it has been recognized and loved by consumers. Some people react, waiting for the leisure time of the subway, etc., it takes only 1 minute to get a cup of steaming and delicious freshly ground coffee. It is a very pleasant and enjoyable beauty. Coffee itself contains a lot of caffeine, and its excitement is well known. The working family and the students and students who go to school are prone to fatigue when they use a lot of brains. It is not enough to relieve stress. It can also play a refreshing role, can improve the efficiency of work or study, and achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. Why not do it.

Guangzhou JETINNO Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. stated that in order to adapt to various places, the light weight and miniaturization of commercial coffee machines are the future development trend. In addition to the large-scale cabinet-type self-service coffee machines suitable for use in office buildings and other places, a variety of small-sized coffee machines are also available. Freshly ground coffee machine, suitable for convenience stores, offices and other places.

 JETINNO is a coffee machine manufacturer specializing in fully automatic coffee machines, self-service coffee machines and smart commercial coffee machines. It can provide one-to-one customized coffee machine services. The current self-made coffee grinders have been supplied worldwide. Used by more than a thousand operators.