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Lighting up Guangzhou nightlife with coffee / Jetinno will be unveiled at 2018 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival

Nov 24, 2018


Major notice! The Guangzhou Lighting Festival, which is also known as the "World's Three Major Lighting Festivals" with the Lyon Festival of Lights and the Sydney Light Festival, remembers the scene of the 15 million Guangzhou people's circle of friends last year? Is it tickle? The lighting show of the 8th Guangzhou International Lighting Festival can be described as increasing, with many highlights, and will be held in Huacheng Square on the evening of November 26!


Jetinno automatic coffee vending machine unveiled at Guangzhou International Lighting Festival

The Guangzhou International Lighting Festival is an annual major public art and cultural event in Guangzhou hosted by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government. With the theme of "40 years of reform and opening up, the new era of Guangyuhuacheng", this year's lighting festival fully demonstrates the charm of Huacheng and writes a symphony of the new era with the spectrum of lights. Different from the previous year, this time the lighting festival Jetinno as the partner of the Guangzhou International Lighting Festival, with the star product JL500 self-service commercial unmanned coffee machine unveiled in Guangzhou "small waist" for everyone in November In the winter, send a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the annual light feast!


2018 Guangzhou Lighting Festival Partner Techno Smart, Coffee Machine Manufacturer

In order to allow more people to drink a cup of coffee, Jetinno automatic coffee vending Machine, which has been dedicated to the coffee civilianization, made its debut at the Guangzhou Lighting Festival. It was the second time after the Sichuan Western Music Festival. JL500 self-service coffee machine can not only be placed in colleges, stations, hospitals, shopping malls, gymnasiums, etc. In the last Western Music Festival, it quickly released a cup, no retail, scan code payment and other intelligent experiences, making it quickly gather a lot of Popularity, waiting for the team to continue, is very suitable for a variety of large-scale event gatherings. The intelligent unmanned retail coffee machine will meet you again and blend in with the futuristic lighting stage to create a digital, intelligent romantic evening.


Freshly ground coffee machine, Guangzhou lighting festival coffee machine,

This Guangzhou Light Festival has a waterfall with a water curtain hole. There are 12 “flower bridges” built by 12 corridors. There are more than 30 sets of dreamy lighting works, and a bunch of lights are rhythmically rhythmic. Unabashed to highlight the charm of Guangzhou Flower City. Focusing on the beautiful lighting, the strong fragrance of Techno Cafe is around the flower city, along the path of the light, and you are the most beautiful 2018 Guangzhou Light Festival. On November 26th, we will waiting for you!