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Jetinno “Yundou into Shanghai” smart self-service coffee machine creates the best single day

Aug 31, 2018

As everyone knows, “Yundou into Shanghai Precision Poverty Alleviation Project” will bind each self-service smart coffee machine to a poor Yunnan coffee farmer. For every cup of coffee sold, a poorly grown coffee grower can get 2 yuan from it. subsidy. Since the “Yundou into Shanghai” precision poverty alleviation project, which has just been opened recently, since its establishment in Shanghai, Jetinno self-service unmanned coffee machine has taken root in many units, and the Shanghai people’s love relay is also one after another. In the just-concluded Shanghai Book Fair, the “Yundou into Shanghai” smart coffee machine shines, creating a single-machine single-day sales record.


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On August 15-21, 2018, the one-week Shanghai Book Fair came to an end. The Shanghai Exhibition Center, the main venue of the Shanghai Book Fair, was almost 100 meters long in front of the Shanghai Exhibition Center. More than 1,150 reading activities were held at the main venue and 100 venues throughout the city. Huishu became a "sea", and the popularity of the book gathered for the city to enhance the human temperature. While reading a book, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee made by the Jetinno Scanning Automatic Coffee Machine. The “Clouds into the Shanghai” smart coffee machine brings a love coffee that is accurate and poverty-reliant.


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At the book fair, you can see such a self-service smart coffee machine, which is the unmanned coffee vending machine jointly edited by the Yangtze River Delta Coffee Association and Techno Smart, which is spread all over the book fair. The site can see that the users who buy coffee are queued up. It is reported that the price of a cup of American Americans is 12.8 yuan, and the rest of the coffee varieties are 16.8 yuan. For every cup of coffee sold, the farmers who are able to help the poor can get 2 yuan. subsidy.


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As can be seen from the site map, the scene is very popular. Many of the small partners who participated in the book fair have exposed this freshly ground coffee machine on Weibo, because they can enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee in just 1 minute, so that the audience can be there. Full of coffee addiction. According to the information obtained by the relevant personnel, we learned that the single machine on the spot sold a maximum of 160+ cups of coffee a day, creating a miracle, and let us see the love relay of the magic people!

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Jetinno is deeply honored to join hands with the Yangtze River Delta Coffee Association to participate in this project. We hope that the “Yose Beans into Shanghai” precision poverty alleviation will benefit more farmers and hope that Shanghai’s partners will see this. A smart coffee machine, you can order a cup of coffee in person, in addition to taste delicious coffee, you can also push the poverty-stricken love.