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Jetinno Office coffee machine new retail investment association is about to start, JOIN US!

Dec 13, 2018

2018 is about to pass, the new retail outlet has not yet disappeared, the new retail + coffee machine is in full swing, all the brands are blooming. In 2019, China's coffee market will reach 100 billion. With the existing coffee demand, offline coffee shops cannot swallow this big cake, and its traditional operation mode constrains most consumers' experience of coffee. Coffee + new retail should be shipped. The raw, self-service unmanned coffee machine is also integrated into various scenes.


Freshly ground self-service coffee machine agent, office unmanned coffee machine investment, office coffee equipment

In the face of this 100 billion market, Jetinno held a self-service coffee machine investment conference on January 8, 2019, and specially invited new retailers from all walks of life to tell the scene about the new retail prospects of coffee. Scanning the coffee machine to operate those things. There are a lot of surprises waiting for you to come to the scene, the seven major agent preferential policies, the new technology release of Techno! What are you waiting for? Click on the page to sign up!


Intelligent unmanned scanning self-service coffee grinder

Office coffee machine agent, white-collar self-service coffee machine to join

Application scenario:

1, breakfast + coffee

2, meeting room + coffee

3, business scene + coffee

4, sleep in the afternoon + coffee

5, overtime + coffee