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How to use the coffee machine

May 02, 2017

Choose Coffee powder. In fact, the coffee beans are also going to be grinding. There are various flavors of coffee, what vanilla flavor ah, and the severity of taste has 5 grades, from MILD to DARK.

With filter paper, there are bamboo, there are ordinary. The filter paper expands into a funnel shape, according to personal taste to put a few tablespoons of coffee powder into the filter paper (generally how much coffee packaging will have). The advantage of filter paper is big, not only can filter dregs, also can increase the water flowing coffee powder time, make coffee become fragrant, but also convenient clean.

Put the coffee filter paper like this into the filter basket, is the filter paper basket, as far as possible to put it.

Pour all the water in the coffee pot into the water storage device behind the coffee machine, the scale in the water storage unit should be consistent with the coffee pot scale.

Cover the top cover and place the coffee pot, and turn on the switch.

Start the coffee, you can go to something else.

How to use the coffee machine

Coffee is fast out, coffee opportunity to automatically stop boiling water, and coffee insulation, so you forget that there is no relationship drops, and then a personal taste of coffee companion, put sugar.

Remove the filter paper and throw it away. Rinse the filter paper basket, OK