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How to maintain and maintain the coffee machine in daily store operations

Sep 03, 2018

As a barista, you not only need to master the skills of making coffee drinks, but you must also know how to take care of the "little partners" who work together every day - coffee machines.

Proper maintenance and maintenance of the machine not only extends its service life, it also enhances the quality of the coffee. Pay attention to the following points in your daily store operations to make your coffee machine work better.

Water filter: The water filter consists of resin and activated carbon. It can effectively filter the impurity and odor of tap water, so as to achieve the water quality required for brewing coffee and prolong the service life of the coffee machine.

Resin: It can effectively filter minerals such as calcium in water and has the function of softening water.

Activated carbon: It can effectively filter chlorine in water and other odors to achieve the water quality required for brewing coffee.

Filter element: The replacement time is determined by the local water quality, usually three to six months.

Clean the filter screen thoroughly every day

A. Put about 1 teaspoon of powder in the cleaning filter and lock the cooking head. Press the free brewing button to stop the normal brewing time (about 5-8 seconds). At this point, let the powder melt and The filter was invaded for 30 seconds and repeated 3 times. Then remove the holder and pour off the sewage.

B. Gently lock the holder to the free brewing button, then gently release the holder, lock, release, lock, and repeat the movement (to allow a large amount of water to clean) until there is no cleaning in the filter Until the residue.

Every day after work, wipe the outer casing with a soft cloth that has invaded warm water. Do not use corrosive cleaning agents, otherwise the outer casing will be damaged. The supporter must use the powder to heat the water once a week to clean the filter that may be blocked.

The coffee machine water tray and the bottom drain hole of the coffee machine must be cleaned daily to prevent residual coffee grounds from clogging the drain. Recommended reading: coffee machine operation process and method

The filter head filter apron is cleaned once a week. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to gently knock the filter apron down, gently brush it with a soft brush, and clean the apron with water. When installing, the apron is facing down and the oval is facing upwards. If the installation is wrong, it will cause water leakage when making coffee. The temperature cup holder on the coffee machine has a temperature of about 50 degrees. The cleaned cup is wiped clean with a dry cloth before it can be placed.