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How to choose different principles of coffee machine?

May 19, 2018


  I still remember when I was young, when I tried coffee for the first time, I was still impressed with the bitterness. But as we matured, I learned more about coffee. I gradually fell in love with coffee, a magical drink, and there are various kinds of coffee. The taste of mellow Sometimes it's just a matter of habitually making a cup of coffee and reading a good book to see the sunrise and sunset. The emergence of fully automatic coffee machines will make people's lives more convenient and their quality of life will increase.


  For coffee enthusiasts, coffee can be a bitter one. It can be like tea and wine tasting. It can also bring out the fragrance and fruit aroma of different coffee beans. In the urban fast-paced life, a cup of coffee has long been a necessity of life, a kind of physical enjoyment, a kind of spiritual pleasure, and even a fashion pursuit.



  People who are obsessed with coffee always like to study various ways of making coffee. For a cup of coffee, the stable extraction of coffee, the temperature and delicateness of milk foam are all basic requirements for measuring a cup of coffee. So if you want to make a cup of mellow coffee, the coffee machine is also a matter of course.


  In the production of coffee, the length of coffee brewing will directly affect the quality and taste of coffee. At first, people had to manually grind coffee, so that the ground coffee is very coarse and the granules are very large. , This will also seriously affect the taste of coffee. So there are so many kinds of coffee machines on the market. As an ordinary consumer, how can we choose the most suitable one for ourselves? Do not worry, then we will take a look at some coffee machines with different principles and their applicable population.

  Capsule coffee machine



  The capsule coffee machine can be said to be a type of coffee machine that has been very hot in recent years and is designed for lazy people who have some quality requirements. It takes a short time to make coffee, and for the producer, there is almost no need to learn any techniques for cooking coffee. Press the button to get a stable cup of coffee. At the same time, cleaning is also very convenient. Compared to fully automatic coffee machines, capsule coffee machines are more suitable for lazy people choosing home or office.

  American (traditional drip type) coffee maker



  The coffee is brewed in a trickling manner and is generally composed of an upper funnel-shaped container and a lower coffee maker. Put the ground coffee beans into the upper funnel, and the cold water in the water tank will be dripped into the container filled with coffee powder, and then soaked and extracted to drip into the coffee pot below. To make a cup of mellow coffee, suitable for coffee beginners, but the pattern is less, can not make fancy coffee.

 Italian (high-pressure pump) coffee machine



  Because it was originally named after Italy, it uses high-pressure hot water to brewing espresso coffee. After high-pressure steam and water are mixed, it quickly passes through the coffee powder and is instantly extracted. The resulting coffee has a high temperature, caffeine and other impurities. The content will be lower, and the taste is rich. This type of coffee maker has higher quality coffee and less impurities. It is suitable for people with high requirements for coffee taste.
Wake up every morning and use a coffee machine to cook a cup of scented coffee is a daily routine for many people. The ceremonial sensation of opening coffee with life is simple but not rough. It is not only a kind of drink, but also a flavor.