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How about the business of the automatic coffee vending machine? How to make a profit?

Jun 13, 2019

A large part of the business of the self-service self-service coffee machine is based on the point scene, followed by the product.

Although the Chinese coffee market has a market of 100 billion in 2020, it still takes time for domestic consumers to cultivate consumption habits due to insufficient penetration of imported goods such as coffee. I have had contact with many coffee machine operators. The same equipment has different locations and business is very different.

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Here you may wish to give you a reference, the best self-service commercial coffee machine points are schools, hospitals, high-speed rail stations, high-speed service areas, etc., get these points, 100 cups a day is not a problem. Secondly, the quality of the product is also an important factor. If you want to do the grinding equipment, the freshly ground grinding is now grinding! It is important to say 3 times! Coffee is not good to drink, but also want to have user stickiness? Think of beauty, you haha, or find a reliable manufacturer or operator.

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In the end, although it is self-help, some offline marketing activities still require people to increase their popularity. If you don’t do much now, you may want to go to the coffee machine to promote the publicity. New equipment suddenly appears, no one dares to try the machine. No one is going to guide, and there is no need to vote for the truth. Self-service equipment is a good cake, but there are too few people to play, and no one will hang.