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Hot Issues for Vending – Summer 2017

Aug 31, 2017

A quick brief on some of the latest legislative developments for the industry. 



The EVA Coin Group recently participated at the Mint Directors Conference Technical Committee (MDC-TC) organised by the South African Mint in Johannesburg, as well as the Euro Coin Authentication workshop organised in Brussels by the EU Commission.

The EVA contribution on coin issues is ongoing and is crucial to 1) ensuring mints are informed sufficiently of the needs of coin acceptors and design appropriate coins without creating acceptance issues in the industry, as well as 2) highlighting any practical issues by members, such as inconsistencies of counterfeit coins detection procedures by member states across the EU.


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has received a mandate to provide a scientific opinion on how much sugar can be included in a healthy diet by 2020 – No doubt an opinion keenly awaited by food producers.


The EVA recently met with several other European trade Associations in order to discuss potential joint initiatives with the aim to address various causes of obesity and overweightness in Europe. As regularly communicated, vending is often seen as a scapegoat and a supplier of 'unhealthy' products, and so initiatives that can either tackle this view, or highlight successful and ongoing industry projects, are certainly worthwhile.


Presentation of the Expand Project results to vending machine manufacturers of a developed expansion device and smart controller will take place on 11 July. After 3 years of research and development, a final prototype device can demonstrate energy efficiency savings of up to 20% for the cooling unit operating on natural refrigerants. The project results may be able to assist manufacturers to 1) transition effectively to natural refrigerants and 2) assist in improving the efficiency of their machines ahead of the future EU Ecodesign and energy labelling regulations for refrigerated vending machines.

----Source from EVA