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From August 15th to 17th, 2018, let us meet at E1D32, Shanghai New International Expo Center

Aug 06, 2018

From the beginning of 2017, to the refined operation in 2018, the unmanned retail industry is experiencing a wave of baptism. Some have left the scene, some have triumphed, and no one retails +X is showing endless possibilities. As a subdivision of unmanned new retail, unmanned self-service coffee machines have also developed rapidly with the help of this wave. However, some people are happy that some people worry, good development must be carried out around the scene intensive management. As the leading enterprise of domestic commercial coffee machine equipment, Techno Smart adheres to the combination of scene products, focuses on the manufacture and service of unmanned coffee machines, and develops the big blue sea market of Chinese coffee together with many operators.

        The 2nd China Unmanned Stores Conference 曁 Shanghai International Unattended Retail Exhibition, co-sponsored by China Department Store Business Association and China Association of Associations Self-sales Industry Branch & Unmanned Branch, will be held on August 15-17, 2018. The day was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, with the theme of “Deductive – New Concept of Retail”, and Internet technology combined with traditional retail terminals to achieve unattended new retail business formats. JETINNO is surrounded by scenes, carrying a variety of self-service coffee grinders, providing a comprehensive solution for more coffee operators through a variety of scenarios.

Scenario layout


     This booth design is very different from the previous layout, but still uses the black main color, through the scene layout, to reflect the choice of coffee machine placement. Four representative scenes, including school library, business center, convenience store and office, are selected to show the depth of integration with Techno intelligent unmanned coffee machine. Desktop coffee machine and micro-cafe coffee machine are more suitable for convenience. Shops, offices, hotel catering and other scenes; schools, libraries, business centers, office lobby and other scenes are more suitable for cabinet coffee machines, integrated coffee machines. The performance of the scene, let more people understand the choice and application direction of the coffee machine placement point.


Take it and leave, it’s cool!

        The second unmanned store conference, the new upgraded JL500 cabinet self-service coffee grinder, which has been unveiled by Techno Smart, has added the function of automatic glanding, realizing the freshly ground coffee. "The user experience." The coffee machine combines a variety of functions, such as freshly brewed coffee, automatic cup drop, automatic drop cup cover, and the like. The coffee machine interacts with artificial intelligence, and the finger is a little bit. After 45 seconds, the cup is taken out and taken away. This is the way black technology changes the way to grind coffee.

Alcoholic coffee, made with "core"

       JETINNO has created a mini desktop coffee machine for offices, hotels, convenience stores and other scenes, a new generation of 10.1-inch-B self-service grinding coffee machine. All-stainless steel panels, white metal panels and black matte metal panels blend together to create a classic. Different from the original desktop coffee machine, the display of the coffee machine can be adjusted independently, and the drip tray uses a red buoy to remind the water to fill and other functions. Intelligent interactive system, one-button production, taste DIY, use "core" to create a self-service coffee grinder.

There is a large-scale grinding ice coffee machine

        Catering to the needs of summer users, this exhibition still brings the existing ice-making integrated coffee machine. The modern black glossy metal appearance is simple and not simple. It is a combination of art and technology, and it is also a collision between nature and industry. Not only hot coffee, but also 40 kinds of drinks such as iced coffee. Production efficiency is synchronized with fast-paced sales to meet market demand. The all-in-one coffee machine also has a lot of intimate humanized designs, such as automatic drop cup cover, stir bar storage and so on.

       In addition to the above new products, JETINNO also brings other self-service coffee grinders. What are the compelling new features and appearances of these coffee machines? Please wait and see! From August 15th to 17th, 2018, let us meet at E1D32, Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road), waiting for your partners to come and guide.