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Fighting for the 2018 Guangzhou Marathon, Jetinno Protein Powder Drink Energy Supply Station stimulates the players' unlimited potential!

Dec 17, 2018

On December 9, 2018, the Guangzhou Marathon was a lively start in the Tianhe Sports Center in a loud gunshot. The cold wind caught the drizzle and did not affect the enthusiasm of the players. Jetinno Intelligent Self-service unmanned protein powder vending machine is on standby at the Guangzhou Marathon Expo, preparing hot protein powder drinks to provide energy supplements for players and eliminate fatigue.


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Jetinno Self-service Vending Machines are not just for making coffee. In fact, making protein powder drinks is also a lever. The combination of Jetinno skills and Beijing Runneng Sports Technology Co., Ltd., the combination of running energy protein powder and self-service coffee machine, gave birth to the "black energy" self-service energy supply station, bringing a super delicate taste to the contestants. Inspire the player's unlimited potential!

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As the atmosphere of the game heats up, the players need to adjust and replenish their physical fitness after preparing for the rest of the race after a long period of wind and rain. In the front of the Jetinno self-service energy supply station, there is a long queue of protein powder drinks, which are rich in protein powder drinks, quickly ingesting nutrients, filling up the electricity, and providing players with a “super motor”.