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Feature Introduction

May 02, 2017

To meet the automatic heating, coffee, coffee machine Tim Water, coffee machine can be done automatically, coffee machine designers designed to fully automatic coffee machine, automatic coffee machine than the ordinary coffee machine added many functions, general automatic coffee machine includes the following functions:

Program settings: For the automatic coffee machine, the program is basically the same, such as cup control, temperature control, pre-milling function, the amount of coffee beans adjustment, preset functions.

Cleaning function: The automatic coffee machine parts can be disassembled, after use you can remove the removable part of the cleaning, can not dismantle the coffee opportunity to wash themselves.

Heating system: Automatic coffee machine using thermal resistance plate and heating unit to heat, usually less than one minutes can be completed from the rush to temperature to the heating temperature. Some automatic coffee machines have two heating systems, the benefit of which is to reduce your waiting time.

Digital Intelligent Control: The automatic coffee machine adopts digital intelligent control, the LCD screen of the coffee machine can display the working status at any time, the digital display will show the coffee machine ready to do or what is doing, according to the instructions can bubble out coffee.