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EasyJet Coffee creates a new retail ecosystem

Sep 20, 2019

EasyJet Coffee creates a new retail ecosystem

EasyJet is a brand new self-owned coffee brand launched by Sinopec Yijie based on the new retail concept In the fast-delivered gas station consumption scenario, EasyJet Coffee is based on meeting the consumption needs of car owners and constructing coffee gas station consumption scenarios, providing more imagination for Sinopec gas station non-oil industry expansion. This time, Easy Coffee has created three series of different positioning products, namely 92# (black and white coffee), 95# (fashion special drink), 98# (fine series), which perfectly fits the scene of Sinopec gas station. The emergence of EasyJet coffee not only caters to the trend of market development, but also the product of Yijie's own advantages. It is also a breakthrough in the consumption scene. It is also the innovation of the new retail model of “send delivery + store consumption” at gas station convenience stores.


On September 3, Sinopec Yijie Coffee Shop unveiled its mystery. The first EasyJet coffee flagship store settled in Suzhou Xinghu Gas Station. The store's + distribution new retail model was officially open to the public.