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Did you ever see these ups and downs of inventions such as the automatic sale of coffee grinders?

May 16, 2018

Can coffee coffee be washed without water? Is it really possible? How did this happen? Have you ever seen these counterfeit inventions such as the automatic sale of coffee grinders?
    2.jpgIt is the upstart of the automatic coin vending machine industry - Finunda air water coffee grinder, without water, air water
Technology is developing and the times are improving. People's daily habits also change from sunset to late-night. To solve  the problem of late work and inefficiency caused by the work, only one  cup of coffee is needed.
Drinking coffee is very elegant. Imagine  the freshly ground coffee, braving the heat, sitting in front of a  floor-to-ceiling window and watching the distant lights of the street, a  small mouthful of tasting—though this kind of life is indeed very  pleasant, but there are dozens and hundreds of cups at a time. Coffee really discourages ordinary people, let alone take a lot of time. So, is there a coffee service that is freshly ground, tasty, fast, and easy to pay? Of course the answer is yes, that is - the automatic sale of fresh coffee machines.
Self-service coffee grinders are commonplace in Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, but they are rare in China. The founder of Techno Air Freshwater Coffee Machine has a great love  for coffee, so he saw the potential users in the new scene outside of  the coffee shop - drinking more delicious coffee at a lower price and in  a more convenient way.
Techno  air fresh water coffee machine adopts pure physical technology to  extract water molecules in the air and process it into high-quality  drinking water as coffee water. Without an external water source, it can  be beautifully roasted with coffee beans to make aromatic coffee. The  coffee machine also uses Swiss original MAHLKONIG grinding blades to  perform 500,000 milling operations, making the coffee taste more  delicate and delicate, comparable to professional hand-made coffee; at  the same time, it can satisfy the filling of various raw materials such  as fruits and organic beans to meet the diversification of customers'  tastes. Personalized choices.
The advantage of an air-water coffee machine is that it does not require a source of water and air produces water. Traditionally,  automatic coffee vending machines are filled with bottled water. Once  water is scarce, customers cannot buy coffee. The bottled water is stored for a short time and is subject to  deterioration. When the bottled water is in an open state, it will be  contaminated by pollutants in the air, and the person must change the  water regularly.
Then, how does Fulengda Air Water Coffee Machine, which does not require external water supply, achieve coffee brewing?
It  is actually a machine that integrates automatic vending machines,  freshly ground coffee machines, and air water machines. No external  water supply is required. As long as the electricity is turned on, there  will be a steady stream of healthy water. High-quality nine-layer  filtration will ensure perfect water quality. The coffee that comes out is healthier and tastes better.
At the same time, Techno also adjusted the flavors that consumers  liked. In addition to the coffee, the air-water coffee maker has more  than 20 kinds of fresh flavors such as milk tea, fruit juice, soymilk,  and milk, which are highly appreciated by consumers.
For the venture capitalists who want to take a slice of the new retail  market, the use of innovative water smart technology is a wise choice.
Such  self-service coffee grinders have long been popular in Europe, North  America, Japan and other developed countries, and there is no technical  threshold. However,  for the Chinese market, this type of machine is still a fresh idea. The  pain point of unattended coffee machines for 24-hour self-service is  the stability and taste of the equipment. If operators need to be at  ease with good operations, the equipment also needs to be imported from  abroad. However,  imported equipment has many pain points that cannot adapt to the  Chinese market. For example, payment methods are not convenient enough,  after-sales service cannot be guaranteed, there is no Internet  monitoring, and the interface is closed. Comno aims at these common  points and combines the actual needs of the Chinese market to launch  this air. Water  is a coffee grinder. This machine is capable of freshly ground coffee.  It also adds functions such as tea making, internet monitoring, and  mobile payment to the Chinese market. It has independently developed a  smart automatic vending coffee machine suitable for the Chinese market  to satisfy The different needs of the market for coffee machines.
These "invincible" inventions are just for you to enjoy a healthier coffee
The  air-water coffee grinder is not only a water purifier, but also a water  purifier and air-water system. After three-stage air filtration, it is  filtered through four stages, finally forming a straight drinking water,  then heating and brewing coffee, and physical filtration. What makes you taste is not just coffee but healthy coffee.
"Invincible" invention allows you to breathe fresh air while sipping coffee
The  air-water coffee grinder has an air purification device. This device is  composed of three layers of coarse filter layer, HEPA cotton, and  activated carbon modified molecular sieve. It can absorb, decompose, or  convert various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5 and dust). Air pollution such as pollen, odor, bacteria, allergens, etc.). So if you have time, don't hesitate to take a coffee and you can “taste” fresh air by standing nearby and enjoying coffee.
Why is a self-service coffee grinder worth investing?
For the office workers in the city, fast-paced work and life make time more precious. However,  the air-water coffee grinders provide a more convenient way to serve  the fast life of urban residents. The emergence of air-water coffee  grinders not only changes the way the coffee is sold, but also refreshes  people's attitude toward freshly ground coffee. Awareness.

According to statistics, as freshly ground coffee is loved by more and  more Chinese people, the current market for ground coffee has grown to  more than three times that of instant coffee. Freshly ground coffee has  tremendous potential for development in the domestic coffee market.
At the same time, it is reported that in areas where vending machines  are relatively mature, they are transitioning from simple and  easy-to-use packaged beverages to making drinks.
1. Japanese market: The number of possessions exceeds 6 million units, and sales of 300 billion yuan;
2. The US market: retail sales of vending machines are about 150 billion;
3. Korean market: In vending machines, coffee vending machines have occupied 18.1% of the market;
4. The Chinese market: The primary stage of vending machines is mainly  selling snacks and beverages in packaged goods. Their appearance has  nurtured the primary market of vending machines. Next, the coffee  grinders of the fruit juice machines are starting to create wealth.
The advantage of air water coffee grinder