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Current status of commercial coffee machines in the Chinese market

Sep 05, 2018

Nowadays, with the increase of work pressure, many people in the workplace are more dependent on coffee to refresh themselves. At present, China's coffee machine market is still in a relatively disorderly stage. The market competition is fierce. Some foreign manufacturers have put outdated models of foreign slow-moving and backward technology into the Chinese market. Some domestic unscrupulous businessmen pretend to be commercial coffee machines with household machines. Confuse the fully automatic machine, profit from it, and harm the user. Some users have spent a lot of money to buy low-end cheap goods or just a pile of industrial waste.


Jetinno automatic coffee machine

In order to facilitate coffee, people use electronic technology to achieve automatic control of the whole process of brewing coffee such as milling, powder compaction, powder filling, brewing, and removal of residue. The automatic coffee machine is manufactured and divided into household and commercial. Commercial coffee machines, as the name suggests, are commercial coffee machines. The so-called fully automatic coffee machine is a fool-like operation. You can get a cup of coffee with one click. Basically, the machine makes coffee. Just select the concentration and weight before making it. At the same time, the fully automatic coffee machine is divided into large and small. Kinds of small coffee machines are suitable for use in convenience stores, offices, etc., while large commercial coffee machines are generally used in office halls, universities, shopping malls and other places.

In the past two years, domestically produced fully automatic self-service coffee machines have become more and more popular among domestic operators. Because they conform to the "national conditions", they not only support mobile payment methods such as WeChat and Alipay, but also tend to favor Chinese tastes in coffee taste. It is mainly based on freshly ground milk coffee. After all, a cup of espresso with a high concentration is not acceptable to everyone. The foreign brand coffee machine is mainly designed for foreigners. The coffee has a strong bitter taste and does not like sugar. And milk.

Nowadays, the domestic fully automatic self-service coffee machine is more and more popular among the public. Jetinno is the leading enterprise of domestic intelligent commercial coffee machine. In the domestic market, the self-service coffee machine has a 70% market share. The fully automatic coffee machine currently produced has been supplied to the world. Used by more than a thousand operators.