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Cooperation and win-win | Jetinno new coffee vending machine at ROTAI annual dealer conference

Mar 11, 2019

The spring is getting stronger and the industry is waiting to be saved. In 2019, Shanghai Rongtai Health Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ROTAI) National Distributors Conference was held on March 8th in Sanya, Hainan. The conference was held around the theme of “Touching the Dual Core and Sharing the New Future”. As a strategic investment cooperation enterprise of ROTAI, Jetinnohas brought its new unveiled coffee vending machine to the annual dealer conference, and together with ROTAI to promote the construction of coffee culture in the Chinese office.


With the increasing popularity of the sharing economy, no new retailers continue to change their colors. As the leading brand of commercial self-service coffee machine equipment, Jetinno has strong research and development strength and is committed to the intelligent advancement of unmanned equipment. This time, it will bring office desktop coffee machine, automatic gland tea machine, 14-inch tea coffee machine and The ice-making coffee machine was unveiled at this conference to showcase the latest black technology achievements of Techno Intelligent, and to conquer the scene with the intelligent and mellow coffee quality of the equipment.


Committed to the civilianization of coffee and improving the quality of people's lives has always been the corporate mission of Techno Smart. In order to make the coffee culture smoothly spread to the whole country, let the self-service coffee machine be put into any scene. In 2019, Jetinno will further subdivide the domestic market. The office is one of the scenes with great potential, and the multi-function 10.1 inch desktop grinding The coffee machine was deeply loved by office white-collar workers since its launch. The era when the office can only make espresso coffee has passed. Whether it is American-style Italian cabaret or milk chocolate, the Techno 10.1-inch coffee machine is easy to make, and it is multi-purpose. In order to enable more partners to quickly enter the new retail office scene and quickly cover the market across the country, Jetinno has developed a complete channel cooperation policy for 10.1 inch office coffee machines, through price policy, regional protection policy, and prototype policy. , return policy, advertising support policy and other support policies such as brand authorization, personnel support, professional training, etc., we are now inviting dealers to join the omni-channel layout camp of Jetinn oto share the fruits of the harvest.