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Commercial coffee machine interpretation

May 19, 2018

2)  price advantage: Anyone who buys things first is definitely the price  issue, a reasonable and reasonable price is very critical, the saying  goes, the cost is higher, choose commercial automatic grinding, in fact,  is a high-end product, commercial + grinding +Fully automatic,

Commercial  means high reliability. Techno's products fully meet the product life  of 125,000 times. Households are not possible. The main reason is to  consider the cost of unattended customer service maintenance. The  current grinding is reflected in the technical strength of grinding and  coffee brewing. Many  people say that many of the 4-5 thousand coffee machines on JD.com are  freshly grounded. I don't want to explain more. Now that the world's  high-end grinders can be used in the industry, there are only two  suppliers in the world. What else can he rely on to make money? Automatic means that users only need to touch the capacitive screen and choose the coffee drinks they need. The intermediate automation components require a perfect combination of structural design and automation components. These are the manifestations of technical strength. At  the same time, the imported machinery in the industry, such as foreign  WMF, frank, thermoplan, NECTA, etc., is very expensive for landing in  China. Those people who want to understand coffee know how much domestic  prices are imported, which is unacceptable to most people. The price of Technomax is up to 50%, which is mainly caused by domestic labor costs and import tariffs.

3)  Food Safety: Since the beginning of the establishment of Techno, our  aim is that food safety is greater than all, we only make good money,  coffee machine is closely related to food products, the company's  product design at the beginning of the selection of materials, as long  as the food contact The  materials are FDA or NSF certified to ensure safety in high temperature  and high pressure conditions, especially during long-term use. Many  domestic manufacturers are very cheap. For example, silicone hoses that  pass through water will undergo chemical migration during prolonged  periods of high temperatures, and toxic substances will migrate into  water. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why Chinese mothers  must buy imported teats. The same reason. However, the use of these materials does increase the cost. We also have no choice, safety first, and then price issues. We only do conscience business.


4)  Reliability: The reliability of commercial coffee machines is different  from that of household machines. The degree of use of home machines is  not high, and the requirements for component selection are completely  different from those of commercial machines. The  group targeted by commercial machines is the general public, with large  average daily consumption and high requirements for parts. In  particular, the technically unattended, fully automatic coffee machines  are generally placed in public places such as commercial plazas,  airports and schools, and require reliable machines. Very high, but also a comprehensive consideration of operating customer service management costs. Otherwise, the daily maintenance of the machine directly leads to the inoperability of the machine.


5)  Perfect monitoring background: Techno has developed a complete  monitoring background. At the beginning of design, we have set up  sensors for the hardware components of the machine, and the running  status of the real-time receiver in the background. It can learn about  the machine's lack of material in real time. ,  Machine failures, etc., operators or channel operators only need to use  the mobile phone APP to know in real time the sales data and prices of  each type of beverage on the day. Convenient management.


6)  Customized humanized management: The Techno machines can be customized  according to the needs of users. For example, payment can realize  payment methods such as banknotes, coins, WeChat and Alipay. At the same time, the machine configuration can automatically select accessories through our purchasing system. To achieve humane booking.