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Coffee machine operation process and method

Sep 25, 2018

Classification of espresso machines:

First, according to the purpose of classification

1. Commercial espresso machine;

2, home espresso machine;

3. Office espresso machine;

Second, according to the operation classification

1. Fully automatic operation of electronic control;

2, manual control semi-automatic operation;

Third, according to the boiler classification

1. Single boiler heat exchange type;

2, double boiler;

3. Multiple boilers;

Italian coffee machine operation method and process

The first step: coffee machine, grinder, coffee beans, coffee cup, coffee grounds bucket, pressure packer.

The second step: warm cup, hot water available (not recommended), available warm cup holder.

Step 3: Remove the handle and clean it up.

The fourth step: grinding, powdering, falling powder. Gently tap the handle to remove the gap.

The fifth step: the falling powder is in the shape of a small hill.

Step 6: Fill your fingers and get a consistent amount of powder. Do not press or press.

Step 7: Filling with a pressure-filler, divided into: light pressure and heavy pressure.

Step 8: Fill it into a complete powder and clean the handle.

Step 9: Open the extraction button and rinse the bubble.

Step 10: Lock the handle, open the extraction button, time and observe the flow rate. Recommended reading: coffee machine cleaning and maintenance steps

The eleventh step: a perfect Espresso production is complete.