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China Vending Showcase 2017 Will Be Aug. 30 To Sept. 1 In Beijing

Aug 28, 2017

What is the China Vending Showcase (Beijing)?


In recent years (from 2014 up to the present), with the increasing popularity and widespread applications of mobile internet, large data, cloud computing, O2O (online to offline), and AI (artificial intelligence) technologies in China, the Chinese vending industry is experiencing an unprecedented, rapid growth. The number of vending machines (mainly beverage and snacks vending machines) on location has increased at a rapid growth rate of 50% from nearly 100,000 units in 2014 up to more than 150,000 units in 2016, only in a short period of 2-3 years. There is no doubt that spring has come for the Chinese vending industry.


Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China, a political and economic metropolis in north China. Now this city is experiencing an explosive growth of the vending industry since 2016 after the first session of China International Vending & OCS Showcase was launched on November 16- 18, 2016 at the ANUFOOD China 2016. As is known in Beijing, Zhongguancun, officially named “Beijing High-Technology Industry Development Experimental Zone” by the central government of China, is often referred to as “China’s Silicon Valley” where a lot of innovative, high-tech companies and start-ups gathered for the development of vending technologies. Beijing becomes the third major city for the vending business in China, next to Guangzhou (Southern China) and Shanghai (Eastern China).


In order to meet market demands for the vending & OCS machines and technologies at home and abroad, to promote international trades, technology exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese and international vending manufacturers and operators, the China International Vending & OCS Showcase (Beijing) 2016 organized by Shanghai WeShow Events Ltd. was first launched as a specialized vending zone at the ANUFOOD China 2016 - powered by Anuga on November 16-18, 2016 in Beijing, China to showcase the new generation of beverage and snacks vending machines, coffee vending machines, fresh-food vending machines, parts and components made in China. With the official support and participation of National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA), European Vending Association (EVA), German Vending Association (BDV) and Spanish Vending Association (ANEDA) and some other international vending associations and media, the First Worldwide Vending Industry Forum (Beijing) 2016 achieved great success where the industry leaders from all over the world gathered in Beijing for the first time, featuring the record-breaking number of international participants and far-reaching significance in the history of vending shows in China.


Backed by the triumphant advancement of the Chinese vending industry, the 2nd China International Vending & OCS Showcase (Beijing) 2017 will be opened at the Anufood China 2017 on August 30 to September 1, 2017 in Beijing. The organizers of China Vending Showcase are committed to innovative, new forms of business operations in China, that is, “Vending Machines + Food Retail/OCS/Catering Services” to make full use of the smart/automated retail channels of vending machines and self-service kiosks in the food retail and hospitality industries, to reinforce the connections, combinations and integrations between the vending companies, food and beverage factories, fresh and organic food farms and branded catering companies so as to generate new profits for the vending industry. By taking the ANUFOOD China 2017, the largest food trade fair platform in northern China as a premium growthopportunity, all the organizers involved are trying their best to create an entirely new version of vending & OCS event to keep in line with international practice, lead innovative ideas, hottest technologies and market trends of the vending & OCS industries. 


What’s New in the China Vending Showcase 2017?


The China Vending Showcase is located in Hall E1 as the Vending Zone at the ANUFOOD China 2017 in China International Exhibition Center (NEW) in Beijing. A number of leading beverage and snack vending machine manufacturers in China have joined our show this year, such as Kimma (Booth C11), TCN (Booth C23) and BlueSky (Booth B19) with their business focus on the European and American markets. JiQie (Booth C19), a qualified coffee vending machine manufacturer backed by the European core technologies will make their first debut within their 30-sqm exhibit space. UBCoffee (Booth B13) and CoffeeMall (Booth B17) will display their newly-developed smart coffee machines, coffee ingredients for the office coffee services. AAT (Booth C24), a well-known freshly- squeezed orange juice vending machine manufacturer from Italy will make their first demonstration in Beijing although their machines have already been located in the shopping malls in Beijing for many years. Of course, we have Chinese vending software suppliers like HengYu (Booth C17), etc. to provide vending management software to the Chinese vending operators. AVer (Booth C25) from Taiwan will demonstrate their surveillance systems for the vending and micro- markets sectors.


The 2nd Worldwide Vending Industry (Beijing) Forum 2017


The 2nd Worldwide Vending Industry (Beijing) Forum 2017 will be held concurrently to interact with the demonstrations of exhibitors on the exhibition floor with main issues on the sharing of industry experience, exploring new operation models, and learning about market trends. The last forum attracted more than 100 vending operators and manufacturers, among which 76 representatives came from 21 countries in Asia, Europe, American and Oceana. It is expected that the forum in 2017 will be doubled in terms of program contents, number of sessions and speakers, and number of audience. The main activities include the industry leaders’ keynote speeches, specialists’ technical seminars, round-table meetings between Chinese and international leaders, evening networking cocktail party, etc. The vending community in every country is not so big or even very small, but it will become large and strong if connected worldwide!