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Beverage taste and Water regulation system

May 02, 2017

Beverage taste and Water regulation system:

The taste of coffee or other beverages can be adjusted freely according to individual tastes, and the water outlet of the machine may be adjusted freely.

Free water temperature regulating system:

Equipped with heat storage tanks, according to climate change can adjust the water temperature freely. (Adjustable range: 68 degrees ~98 temperature)

Large capacity environmentally friendly raw material barrel:

The use of human health environmentally friendly materials, the bulk of the capacity of the barrel can reach 1600x3 grams, which eliminates the hassle of frequent addition of raw materials.

No cup/No water automatic display:

When the machine inside the paper cups and water storage amount less than the factory set value, the machine will automatically alarm prompts to avoid machine failures.

Sales Quantity Statistics:

The sales quantity of each beverage can be counted separately and the sales management of beverage is convenient.