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Automatic coffee machine turns the office into a Starbucks? Let’s see what’s going on

Jan 26, 2019

“The company has just announced that starting from today, a box of instant coffee per person per week is used as employee benefits. Although the taste is average, it is also the intention of the company’s leaders! Does your boss have it? Haha” Face this ridicule, Xiaobian I sigh, I will smile, still drinking such out of instant coffee? Our Jetinno automatic beverage coffee machine Room has long been used as a self-service coffee machine! The noisy office environment has turned into a Starbucks full of "forced".

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Unmanned self-service scan code payment coffee vending machine, fully automatic coffee machine

Instant ro capsules or freshly ground?

Instant coffee is undoubtedly a great “goat” to cultivate the Chinese coffee market. In China, where tea is flourishing, a bag of instant coffee is like a Taiwan ice machine, laying a solid foundation for China Coffee Avenue. However, in today's consumer coffee market after the upgrade, the quality and taste of instant coffee is not satisfied with the current consumers; and the capsule coffee is expensive and the taste is relatively fixed; although the quality of freshly ground coffee is first-class, only You can have a chance to try it at a coffee shop or by yourself. The scene restrictions are quite large, and the appearance of the self-made coffee machine has become a gospel for coffee lovers. Today, most companies are equipped with a self-made self-service coffee machine. It is not difficult to drink a cup of freshly ground coffee.

Fully automatic fresh ground coffee vending machine, unmanned retail scanning coffee machine

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Convenient cafe for employees

The competitiveness of enterprises is essentially the competitiveness of talents. How to attract and retain talents is a compulsory course for enterprises. With the improvement of the domestic employee welfare system, more and more enterprises are working hard on employee welfare and cultural construction. Refreshment fruit, leisure activities, annual travel and other benefits as a standard configuration of each company is no longer fragrant, how to do people have me excellent? A practical self-service coffee machine is enough.

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         Unlike the annual benefit, you can have a cup of office coffee anytime, anywhere. In the fast and fast-paced work environment, employees can quickly replenish energy, relax, improve work efficiency, and have more sense of participation and realism than other benefits. In a relatively closed room, the self-service coffee machine can be used as the “Starbucks” of the office, which is perfectly integrated with the scene, allowing employees to feel the concern of the company. The freshly ground coffee not only brings them material needs, but also satisfies them. Their spiritual needs, they do not need to worry about the cold take-away coffee, and do not need to be affected by the work of the trap. The employees use the self-service coffee machine as a link to connect the company and employees. Freshly ground coffee forms a unique corporate culture.

Self-service unmanned coffee machine, scan code payment coffee vending machine

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Business negotiation

Let's imagine a scenario where when the client wants to visit the company, the front desk gives the client a cup of boiled water or a cup of ordinary tea, but a cup of mellow fresh ground coffee, which kind of drink can make customers (especially Foreign customers) improve their sense of good? Coffee has long been labeled as a luxury item in China, and a cup of coffee in a high-end business scene can even facilitate the sale of orders. The strong quality of freshly ground coffee is only 30s in the production of Jetinno's high-end office self-service coffee machine. It has high output and high efficiency, and a variety of coffee flavors can meet the beverage needs of different customers. Putting a cup of hot coffee at any time in the conference room highlights a convenience. The self-service coffee machine is transformed into a bargaining chip in the business scene, which greatly enhances the level and pattern of the company.

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Fully flexible delivery

In addition to the office scene, Jetinno automatic coffee machine is small and can be placed in large-scale business receptions such as Internet cafes, hotels, training rooms, learning bases, convenience stores, 4S shops, cinemas, business halls, administrative agencies, etc. In the room, a self-service coffee grinder allows you to improve your quality of life. It not only gives you a cup of fresh-quality coffee, but its added brand value is immeasurable.