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Analysis on the industry of auto-selling mill coffee machine

May 02, 2017

China Economic Herald China Development Network Fan Baicheng Li Shaohui reporter Luo Mian 2017, seems to be the beverage industry outbreak of one years, in addition to the recent fiery tea, a little bit of real milk tea shops, but also the hot-won automatic vending machine coffee mill.

Unlike the entity store, automatic vending machine is convenient and efficient with the characteristics of the production, making a drink only 40 seconds, the use of mobile electronic payment, catering to the city's fast-paced life needs.

How many people would like to have a cup of milk tea for 7 hours? Today, people are more flexible, convenient, fast and so on, more than ever more active, which also spawned the emergence of automatic vending machine coffee.

Now, the field of coffee grinding, automatic coffee vending machines are beginning to gradually enter the office buildings, college dormitories and other public places, and began to gradually gain the attention of capital.

Guangzhou Yi Lok Drinks Networking Technology Co., Ltd. focused on the "intelligent Air coffee robot" development and operation, in the automatic sale of grinding coffee machine based on innovation and upgrading, joint international public Cloud Platform MicrosoftAzure (Microsoft), international cutting-edge science and Technology company Husbandry Branch (China) and Jinan University Information Technology Institute, jointly constructed "Industrial 4.0 intelligent Terminal Mobile Animal network large-scale data socialization marketing" ecosystem, to create intelligent air coffee robot-"e le drink" Brand, so that consumers can, anytime and anywhere, fast to enjoy a healthy, tasty personalized DIY drinks, to bring the consumer technology, fashion, happy experience, realize e-era, le drink therein.