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Action steps

May 02, 2017

1, to make coffee first to connect the power supply, the coffee machine must be connected to the A/C socket. The use voltage shall correspond to the specified voltages indicated on the machine packaging. The use of defective power cord is strictly prohibited, and the power switch of the coffee machine can be switched on after the power supply is plugged in.

2, remove the lid of the beans, and use the appropriate amount of coffee beans into the beans box (most of the full automatic coffee machine beans box capacity will not exceed 400G), mounted to 80% full.

3, remove the water tank on the machine, take the water tank lid, loaded into about 3/4 capacity of water, the valve at the bottom of the water tanks for drainage flow. When the tank is put back into the machine, the valve can be automatically opened to light pressure water tanks, and then cover the water tank cover.

4, after completing the above preparations can make coffee, general automatic coffee machine fuselage above all have: "Small cup", "Big Cup", hot water/steam, coffee powder and other functions of several keys, some do not use powder, because it does not powder the device, but also only said that can only use coffee beans. Some host menus also have coffee powder set, coffee water volume (concentration) settings, coffee temperature settings, double cups and other options, the specific function of the machine varies. Need a large cup of coffee press the Big Cup, to drink a small cup press the button, so the automatic coffee mechanism for coffee is very simple, there is no need for excessive operation, as long as the basic conditions for the coffee to be satisfied.

5, if you need to make a fancy coffee, then you need to do a cup of espresso (ESPRESSO) in advance, then use La Fagang Cup to 1/3-1/2 full-fat milk, let the steam tube just contact the milk surface, from the glass body wall about one finger far. Turn on the steam switch, when the bubble is about to the extent of the full Cup, first shut the steam, and then take off the Milk Cup. Then the right hand end La Fagang Cup, the left hand to start concentrated coffee, will beat the milk bubble slowly pour into the freshly finished espresso. Such a cup of fragrant CAPPUCCINO is done.