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2016 Guangzhou International vending system and self-service products exhibition

May 02, 2017

Vending machines (Vending Machine,VEM) are machines that can be automatically paid according to the coin invested. Vending machine is a common equipment of commercial automation, it is not limited by time and place, can save manpower, convenient transaction. Is the "24-hour self-service" as the system design concept, can alleviate the traditional business hall of the excessive flow of people, to compensate for the original operating time, to avoid the customer in the business of the Troubles, so that customers feel relaxed, convenient, considerate service. With the intensification of global integration and accelerating the pace of informatization construction in China, the demand for production and service efficiency is increasing in various industries, and self-service terminals begin to expand rapidly from the banking industry to other fields, and extend the application to telecom, power, medical, aviation, retail and other industries and fields.

"Guangzhou International vending System and self-service products exhibition" will uphold the brand and the advantage of origin, based on the development of self-help services as the main trading platform, combined with domestic and foreign market demand for domestic and overseas manufacturers and brands to open up and foreign trade market, promote global marketing network layout perfect, enhance brand visibility and influence. It is expected to attract about 50,000 000 professional buyers, business leaders, technicians and other professionals to visit and negotiate the purchase. At that time, the relevant enterprises throughout the country will be invited to showcase their latest technology products and equipment, but also will invite renowned experts and scholars to host a multi-field seminar, to share cutting-edge information and industry development trends, promote brand enterprises ' quality products, wealth for fruit.