Guangzhou Jetinno Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd, a high-tech enterprise specializing in automatic vending machine and integrated solutions for the vending industry, is a leading vending machine manufacturer in China. With accomplishment of the new production base in 2017, the annual production capacity is enlarged to 36,000 units. 

Human Resource

Presently, 220+ employees are working for Jetinno, in which 50+ of them are engaged in R&D.  


Jetinno strives towards improving the ability of innovation under customer-orientation policy. A customized solution is our core competence.  

With 30% of our employees and investing 10% of our annual revenue in R&D, Jetinno produces a full range of automatic vending devices including free standing and table top espresso coffee vending machine.  

Jetinno's self-developed technologies include vending components, application software, the status monitoring system and the surveillance system. The company owns dozens of intellectual property rights and patents for its key technologies. 

Market Presence

Based on researching and developing strength, tailor-made solutions, and integrated customer service system, Jetinno has increased competitive advantages in vending industry. Nowadays, Jetinno becomes a reputable brand of supplier for vending machines worldwide. The honorable clients include top coffee vending machine operators in China and overseas. Under the overseas marketing strategy, Jetinno is widely exported to more than 50 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, CIS and America. 

Worldwide Partners

Jetinno has long-term relationships with the world's leading suppliers from Switzerland, Italy, Germany and USA. 


Today's business environment is extremely complex. Facing all these challenges together with our clients and providing tailor-made solutions, Jetinno has the confidence to grow up with the industry under the change on the win-win partnerships.