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Jetinnoa science and technology company concentrating on innovating , manufacturing and providing service for commercial coffee equipment. To become the No.1 coffee vending equipment and overall solution provider is the aim of Jetinno. We committed to manufacture world-class coffee equipment, creating access to charm of technology and innovation, improve the quality of more people’s life. Jetinno was built in 2013has nearly 250 workers.

 jetinno factory

As a manufacturing service provider focusing on intelligent commercial coffee equipment and the overall program of Internet of Things, Jetinno is establishing a good corporate image in the industry, and therefore widely concerned by the industry and capital markets, relying on its good reputation in products, advanced technology research and development, accurate judgment on the market and persistence on strengthening the core competitiveness of products with the spirit of craftsmen.

jetinno production 2

In June 2018, after six months of intense preparation, Jetinno's new research and development office and new line of desktop coffee machines and ice making modules were completed, with a total construction area of over 2,000 square meters. The completion of the new office area has ignited the new round of development of Jetinno, marking that Jetinno has entered a new stage of development by “building the world's top coffee equipment with ingenuity, working on coffee civilians and improving people's quality of life”. Looking back on the past is encouraging; looking to the future and inspiring. From now on, Techno Smart will open a new page and go all out with a new attitude and higher requirements for the future.

In addition to the spacious and clean space, the new office area also provides a separate laboratory for each R&D team, making it easy for each team to complete the development efficiently. The new production line of desktop coffee machine and ice making module is designed in strict accordance with European standards. With intelligentization as the core, we introduce a number of automated production equipment to ensure the safe and reliable high quality commercial coffee from new product development and design to new product trial production. Equipment to continuously improve the user-friendly experience.

Jetinno RD center

Jetinno production line


On January 2018, as the first and only Chinese enterprise, Jetinno formally joined the European Vending Association (EVA), which marks an important step of Jetinno this Chinese creative brand into the international vision, and also makes Jetinno’s leadership in the industry once again strongly confirmed and consolidated.

Jetinno join

Jetinno, carrying the dream of leaping from domestic commercial coffee machine market to global expansion, after years of development, has gradually grown to be undisputed first brand in domestic commercial bean to cup coffee machine field, is leading the other competitors, regardless of size or market share.

Jetinno service


A. Became the first company in China to join EVA (European Vending Machine and Coffee Service Association)

B. Join the Yangtze River Delta Coffee Association

C, ISO9001-2015 certification

D, CB product certification

E. Join the American NAMA Association (American Vending Association)

F. Join Guangdong Modern Office Equipment Association


A. Due to development needs, relocated to Dehao Innovation Park

B. Acquired the strategic investment of A-share listed company Rongtai Health (SH.603579)

C, CE, CQC product certification


A, Jetinno intelligent automatic coffee machine is officially put into mass production

B. Jetinno automatic coffee machine business covers domestic and foreign markets


A, free standing vending machine hardware patented

B, JL500 cabinet machine prototype development and completion

C, Jetinno intelligent automatic coffee machine was released to market


A, Table top coffee machine hardware patented

B, JNTT series prototype development and completion


A. Guangzhou Jetinno Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established to become a world-class commercial coffee equipment & IoT overall solution manufacturing service provider.

B. The R&D team carries out comprehensive reform and innovation on the hardware and software of commercial coffee equipment.

Jetinno certificateJetinno patent

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